Leaders reach out to me for fresh thinking, independent sounding board and decision support.

• You just landed a leadership position and you know that just like a top athlete, having a coach keeps you on your game so you can have the success that you want in your career.
• You are successful but feeling frustrated because your work is showing signs of stagnation and you’re looking for fresh thinking so you can be re-energized and move forward quickly.
• A critical business relationship isn’t clicking. With an independent sounding board you safely talk through concerns and approaches to ensure a healthy relationship and enhance your position.
• It is time for you to make a transition whether taking your work to a new level or moving on. With decision support you will make that shift more quickly and easily so you can get on with your great life.
• You love your work. It’s the demands on your time, the long hours and the lack of time for you that make work feel hard. Working with a coach like Jane Barr is your key to leading with ease, grace and integrity.

What makes Jane the best coaching partner for you?

Jane is an iPEC certified Executive Coach, Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, Dale Carnegie Trained Instructor for Leadership and Communications, Perfect Customer Coach, and Instructor for High Power Presentations and Relationship Saavy. She is a professional speaker, and the author of the book and coaching program “WiseWoman Leadership”.

In addition to her coaching credentials, Barr also has more than 30 years’ experience as a Management Consultant, leading system re-engineering projects for the national retail industry including CVS, GAP and REI. Jane knows what it takes to deliver projects on time and on budget, to build strong teams and to generate business worth millions of dollars.

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