Forbes magazine lists the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) as one of the 11 assessments that every executive should take. (May 2018)

Did you know that 99.99% of what we think happens in our subconscious and most of the time we are unaware of how our subconscious thoughts are affecting our success?
Good news: If you become aware of your subconscious thought patterns then you can shift your thoughts in a way that will allow you to realize your full potential.

The fast track: this is exactly why I am offering you an assessment called Energy Leadership Index, (ELI for short) that I have been using in my coaching business for the past 7 years to support people to answer the question –
“What do I need in order to be You 5.0?” The assessment was first developed by a psychologist named Bruce Schneider and tested with 30,000 people to verify that in about 20 minutes it can uncover the thoughts that are either holding you back or propelling you forward.

Your opportunity: Wouldn’t it be great to have an easy way to know eactly what you need in order to have your best year ever? You take a physical exam every year, why not a mental exam as well?

Next steps: Contact me here.

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