Did you know that 56% of women in technology leave the industry between years 15-20 at the exact time when that they could be moving into executive leadership roles?

As women leave, they take their intellectual capital with them, leave the industry short-handed and deprive younger women of much needed mentors.

Make a shift to WiseWoman Leadership

Imagine what it would be like if your company could hire and retain the best of the best women onto your technology team and retain them all the way through to upper management? How would that affect your leadership bench, turnover, the quality of your products and services, your bottom line?.

You don’t have to imagine. Over the last 10 years I developed a coaching process called WiseWoman Leadership to support women leaders in technology to connect to your power, play at the top of your game and to do it all with a sense of ease, grace and integrity that belies the story that working in the tech industry is tough for women.

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