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Meet Jane Barr

I applaud Jane for the name of her business, Kinnexion, as it exemplifies her core competency, her ability to enable the cognitive and personal connections needed to shed what's energy-draining while allowing positive change to manifest. Hire Jane to move through your greatest challenges and you will anchor what you require to shine.

Mary Maloney
Chief Marketing Officer for Americore Health

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Become a Wisewoman Leader Women Have an Untapped Advantage in the Workplace

We need to allow ourselves to be the phenomenal women that we are, to authentically step forward and be fully recognized for the value that we bring to the table as women and be able to do that with ease, grace and joy.

Testimonials All About Jane

CoachSpeakerHigh-Power PresentationsR.I.M.Author
Jane is an excellent speaker, which is how I came to know of her leadership coaching and consulting business. I applaud Jane for the name of her business, Kinnexion, as it exemplifies her core competency, her ability to enable the cognitive and personal connections needed to shed what’s energy-draining while allowing positive change to manifest. Hire Jane to move through your greatest challenges and you will anchor what you require to shine.
Mary Maloney, Chief Marketing Officer for Americore Health

Jane Barr is an extraordinary coach. She is that rare person that can hold you accountable without judgement and move you forward without deadlines. Her coaching encourages you to look at yourself and your progress with kindness, humor and compassion. The end result is a process that is purposeful AND joyful. In the time I’ve worked with her, I’ve gained a clarity and decisiveness that allows me to move forward in my business with ease and grace.
Kimberly McClure, Owner, White Studios

Jane is very insightful. She is passionate about women in leadership, and it comes through in every session with her. Jane challenged me, and somehow, made it feel like a great hug!
Francesca Escoto, PMP Software Program Manager

Jane is a coach of the highest personal integrity whose focus on win-win solutions leaves no stone unturned. Intuitive and knowledgeable, Jane listens to the feelings behind the spoken word and coaches her client to the real solution.
Denise Schultz District Manager at Stride Rite
Jane was the featured speaker for PMI-Tampa Bay for Feb. 2017. Her topic addressed one of the biggest challenges for individuals in leadership roles within today's organizations from a uniquely personal and practical perspective. Her direct and engaging style was a hit with our membership and based on feedback from attendees, most left with tools and techniques that they could immediately apply in their professional lives. Thanks again Jane and I look forward to working with you again in the future!
Chris Mitchell Global Implementation Manager, CITI

Thank you Jane! Jane recently presented at the Bloomin’ Brands Women in IT resource group monthly meeting. She spoke on how we can take personal responsibility of our actions and reactions to difficult situations we face on a daily basis. The group loved her and everyone took away helpful hints on how they can take more control of their own success.
Marcia Frash, MS, PMP Senior Director Guest Engagement Technologies, Bloomin’ Brands

I've booked Jane Barr to speak at not one but two Working Women of Tampa Bay events in the past few months. Both times, her presentations were very well received. She is high energy, enthusiastic and of course an expert in her industry. I highly recommend her as a speaker, especially for events targeting female executives and entrepreneurs.
Jessica Rivelli Founder of Working Women of Tampa Bay
In my 50 years of both attending an presenting workshops, this is the best presentation training I have experienced. The material is well designed and sequenced to provide for a cumulative learning experience that serves a novice presenter as well as someone who is experienced in giving talks to both small and large groups. I particularly enjoyed and learned from the focus on emotion, as all the programs I have attended in the past have focused more on the intellectual and logical aspects of presentations. I heartily recommend your presentations program to all who seriously want to hone their influence and communications skills to a high level of effectiveness
Art Emrich, VP of Personnel Development for Dupont Chemical

Jane uses a refreshing approach that combines a unique blend of leading-edge theory and experiential learning that proves to be transformational for all skill levels. This may be the best skill building class on presentation skills available today.
Sam Swope Your Legacy Connection

I learned more about the value of a real connection with my audience in one a 2-day hands-on-workshop with Jane Barr than I did in the 13 years I spent to accomplish my Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) goal in public speaking. It has not only helped with my speaking skills, but has also given me valuable tools to connect better with my clients.
Barbara Hardin Data Storage Manager, Malelo & Company

Jane is a very effective results driven coach! In just 3 sessions this Fall she helped me over come some hurdles I was having. In our coaching sessions one of the areas that Jane and I explored was the reasons I had a hard time disagreeing with my boss or sharing my thoughts and ideas. I tended to rally the support of my counterpart when I had an idea instead of just raising the point myself and didn't get the credit I deserved. We took a deep dive to determine where this fear stems from and did an exercise (R.I.M.-Regenerating Images in Memory) to help me turn this around. The next morning I practiced with two new suggestions and received my bosses support on both ideas. Success on day 1!
Michele Brooks, Vice President of Sales, Commercial Food Service, Fortessa Tableware Solutions

Jane is a gracious mentor to all that come to know her via networks such as WITI, as I have over the past five years. But as her client -- I want to honestly share that my perspective (and possibilities) has been unblocked with her energy coaching. I have read many leadership books, including her WiseWoman Leadership. The words did not imprint with drastic change. BUT it is her facilitation of R.I.M. (Regenerating Images in Memory) that has significantly improved my self understanding by effectively locating the source of specific patterns of behavior that no longer serve me, embracing its origin... and then changing the narrative. My energy, my quality of life, and hence the way I lead has noticeably improved. Through her coaching I effectively have learned how to shift or get out of my own way. I also have been able to leverage her wealth of experience in more tactical aspects of professional life and appreciate that she customized how she coaches for my long-term benefit.
Hoi Kun Lo, Technology Change Agent, Agililst, D&I Champion, Scrum Master

I discussed with Jane how important it is for me to be able to be candid with people and how difficult that can feel because I want to be fair to everyone. At times that can leave me in a battle between desperately wanting to say something and not wanting to hurt the other person's feelings. Jane used a coaching tool called R.I.M. (Regenerating Images in Memory) that took a huge weight off of me. The change in my mindset has allowed me to slow down and see other people's point of view more clearly and to naturally respond in a more thoughtful way. In addition because I'm not rushing I am making better decisions and I'm able to trust my decisions. I feel much lighter, like I can breathe again
Kristy Alchin, Strategic Account Executive, UnitedHealth Group

When I had my first session with Jane we had already discussed RIM a few times, and I thought the process sounded intriguing. And having tried a range of things, from traditional talk therapy to shamanic healing to address issues in my life, I was curious how RIM would compare. My biggest concern was that, even if I did feel like I had worked through some things in our session and felt better, it would fade by the next morning. (Similar to getting really jazzed by a weekend away at some healing retreat, and losing steam by Tuesday afternoon.) All of my concerns were assuaged the next morning after our session, which was a fascinating journey in and of itself. I was surprised by what had come up and what needed to be said, and Jane navigated me through it with patience and ease. She also assured me beforehand that whatever came up was valid, so when a flood of unexpected anger came out, I knew it was safe to express it. While I felt amazing right after our session--it was a sort of giddy relief--the next morning it felt like everything had marinated and settled in as almost a new reality. It was actually very reminiscent of the powerful effects of breathwork or ayahuasca, but infinitely gentler and easier to integrate into my life. In the weeks after our session, my life shifted in subtle but powerful ways. I felt like I was in a new head space, clearer and more confident about what was true for me. I had some negotiations at work around a promotion and a raise, and I felt naturally assertive advocating for myself in these conversations and everything worked out in my favor!
Colin Drucker, Director of Strategy, Healthline Media

WiseWoman Leadership will enable you to change your perspective and your life in the best possible ways. To read Jane’s book, to heed her advice and to work with her is to benefit tremendously froma a colleague who personally and professionally models ease, grace and integrity. You will find this bok valuable and fun!
Kathryn Earle, Executive consultant, Touchstone Advisors

Jane gives businesswomen the tools, methods and practices to ensure their voices are heard at every table. She challenges readers to explore possibilities beyond their current situations and make an impactful difference. She provides information and practical exercises to ensure confidence and success for women seeking to improve their leadership presence.
Kelly Hamm Principle, Billmeyer-Hamm Consulting

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