09/03/20 Network of Friends

Marci and I are working on a project together. Despite working on the same project we don’t really know each other. Of course, not being able to meet in person right now doesn’t...

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09/02/20 Freedom

Until Kathy was five years old, her family lived in the city. The city house had a hard cement front stoop, a small patch of grass and play was restricted because the city could be...

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06/16/20 Improvise, Surprise

In 1988 Norway opened the Alpine Center which was to be the site of the 1994 Winter Olympics. Only men were asked to participate in the celebration. 35 women decide to crash the ceremony....

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06/04/20 – Impact

Bill had a great job in the early 90’s. He and his wife purchased a large home in Massachusetts for $500,000. Then on Black Tuesday, the value of their home was cut in half. A few...

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