What You Believe

As a young person I thought having glasses with sparkles in them were “cool”. As I grew older I thought they made me look geeky and that no boy would ever ask me out on a date....

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Easing Through Life

Kara and I were having a conversation about writing and I suggested that she may have the cart before the horse. What does that phrase even mean? Let’s say the cart is filled with...

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Clearing Your Mind

Sue started out quietly telling me that she was out of work and didn’t know what she wanted to do. Besides the pandemic and losing her job it had been a very difficult year...

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Messy First Steps

When I started my coaching business my marketing plan was to speak at women’s organizations. At the end of my presentation I made an offer for a free thirty minute consultation and...

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It’s a Journey

The project I was working on was not going as well as hoped so it was not a surprise when my boss called me into her office and started to drill me about the project. I did my best to...

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On New Years eve people celebrated with fireworks, drank champagne, sang Auld Lang Syne, took a broom and swept 2020 out the door, and jumped for joy. Today is Monday, the first Monday of...

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Starting With Hope

Happy New Year! On December 28th, 2020 I posted a suggestion that instead of choosing a New Year resolution that you choose a word for 2021. Then watch how that word plays out in supporting...

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Your Word for 2021

Every December I choose a word as my intention for the following year. In my experience, New Year’s resolutions quickly get left behind in the busyness of work and family. On the...

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Everyday Miracles

10,000 years ago a man and a woman were sitting in the dark afraid. At one point they recognized that the daylight was lasting longer again. It was a miracle. A group of Jewish people had...

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