Appreciate You

When I was 8 years old my Aunt gave to me a small clay pot of purple pansies. I loved those flowers and my Aunt. As I grew older she could make me laugh harder than anyone else. She was...

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Important Questions

There are so many offers on social media that it could be easy to ignore them or simply scroll on by. But I don’t. I usually pay attention to how a person promotes. Most of the time I...

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Finding Hope

This week was the convergence of the paths of Jupiter and Saturn. Their paths come close together every 20 years but usually their path is not close enough to create the effect of a very...

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It’s Happening Now

It’s the holiday season and most of my clients are taking a break for a couple weeks. However, one client who is between jobs has challenged herself to reach out to fifty people...

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The Decision Effect

Sara knows that she wants a job where she can have a huge impact, where politics take a back seat to getting something accomplished for people with a real need and where she can collaborate...

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Stop the Struggle

For the last month I have listened to a meditation before going to bed. The meditations are meant to instruct my subconscious mind to eat life force foods and see myself as vibrant....

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Tuning In to Success

When I was a kid my dad had a two way radio. I remember listening as he tuned into the frequency where he had fun connecting with his radio buddies. People often say to me, I need to find a...

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Let’s Get Real

John was talking about making real carbonara. My mouth was watering. I haven’t had real carbonara since I lived near Boston. Real carbonara is made with Guanciale, a fatty pork cured...

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Whose Rules?

Mom said, “You have to eat everything on your plate or you don’t get dessert.”30 some years later I remember being in a restaurant with a consulting team. I was saying...

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