12/21/20 It’s Happening Now

January 10, 2021 / Comments Off on 12/21/20 It’s Happening Now

It’s the holiday season and most of my clients are taking a break for a couple weeks. However, one client who is between jobs has challenged herself to reach out to fifty people between last week and the new year. That’s roughly 3 people per day, not an overwhelming challenge and potentially a lot of fun. She isn’t asking for a job. She’s just calling them to say hello and catch up with them. And yes, if they ask, she’s telling them she is in transition.

Here is what happened. Last week she picked up two new job interviews and a second interview for this week. Yay!

We may think that nothing is happening for the next two weeks. In fact, people may be more relaxed and open to a friendly call to say hello and catchup with their life. And of course, we never know what will happen when we reach out in friendship and with a sense of fun.

Who will you call today?


Last modified: January 10, 2021

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