Stop the Struggle

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For the last month I have listened to a meditation before going to bed. The meditations are meant to instruct my subconscious mind to eat life force foods and see myself as vibrant.

I’m writing this post having just finished up a bowl of ice cream. LOL. Supposedly, if I keep listening to the meditations, my subconscious mind will reach a tipping point and I’ll start to naturally eat life force foods and gradually lose weight and improve my health. Meanwhile my subconscious mind is not aligned with the intention I’ve set for myself and it feels like a struggle to say no to ice cream.

The misalignment between conscious intention and subconscious thought is the underlying source of all struggle. If we are struggling the place to start is to pay close attention to the struggle. That will often point us to what needs to shift in our subconscious that will bring us into alignment.

Where are you struggling?


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