Tuning In to Success

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When I was a kid my dad had a two way radio. I remember listening as he tuned into the frequency where he had fun connecting with his radio buddies. People often say to me, I need to find a new job, as though it were a destination. In truth, finding a job is less like reaching a destination and more like tuning into a frequency on a two way radio. Jobs are already out there. Our work is to tune into the available jobs.

First we need to know exactly what we’re looking for in a job. The more specific we are the faster it is to dial into the people and jobs we want to contact.

Second we need the right tools, like a resume and LinkedIn profile. The higher quality the tools we have the easier it is to tune into the right job.

Finally, we have to take action or nothing is going to happen. Like any skill, the more time we spend at it the better we become at tuning in to a great job.

What frequency do you want to tune into?


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