Bitter or Better?

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A man I know from the retail industry put out a message that he has connections for a number of job openings. With all of the downsizing and bankruptcies in the retail world it was refreshing to see his post. Looking for a job right now can feel daunting. The good news is that for every downturn there is an upturn if we are willing to shift with the tide, look in new places for opportunities, and are interested in expanding our mind and skills.

What it takes is a beginner’s mindset. No, I’m not suggesting that you start over. What I’m suggesting is to remember the feeling, the energy, the excitement of when you went after your first big job and got it. This is a critical step in job searching.

You can think about it this way. Who would you be more likely to hire, someone who is bitter, burned out and on cruise control or someone who is better, on fire, and has their hands on the wheel?


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