12/03/20 New Challenge

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It has been ten years since I purchased a new laptop. (I hear you…how can that possibly be? Something about, if it’s not broken don’t fix it 🥴)

Yesterday I brought home my brand new shiny laptop. It was so exciting. I was like a kid in a candy store. That was about 10 hours ago. It’s well after midnight now. I’ve been backing up files from my old laptop and trying to figure out how to access some apps on the new laptop. Am I getting frustrated? Mmmmaybe just a little.

When we do the same thing over and over we can forget how much time and effort it takes to do something brand new. So I’m going to give myself a break now and get some sleep. I’m guessing that things will be clearer when I get back to it.

Where do you need to give yourself a break?


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