11/30/20 Your Week Ahead

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Jenn was showing to me how she had taken all her goals and broken them into tasks and blocks of time. Next she planned to move the blocks around until she could fit them all onto her calendar. She said that she felt more organized and energized.

When I asked how she was going to decide what she would put onto her calendar for the first week she wasn’t sure, so I asked her two questions.1) What is your vision for your job if it progresses the way you hope it will over the next six months? 2) What tasks would have the greatest impact in moving you towards your vision?

Task lists can be very helpful in keeping track of our work. At the same time, if we don’t put the tasks into perspective relative to our vision and goals, less important tasks can easily take over our days and weeks.

What do you want your week to be about?


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