11/20/20 Deep Water

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My Girl Scout troop was canoeing down the Osage River in Missouri. At night we slept in hammocks and tied our canoes to the trees so they couldn’t slide down the hill into the river.

One night it rained hard. When we woke up we were in for a big surprise. The Osage River is below the Bagnell dam which creates the Lake of the Ozarks. The dam had been opened to release water and protect the land and homes above it.

The river had risen all the way up the hill. Our canoes were floating on their ropes. If we stepped out of our hammocks the wrong way we could have been in the rushing river as well.

Helping each other, we managed to pack up and move to a park where we were safe.

That trip reminds me a bit of where we are right now with the pandemic. It was unexpected and a lot of people are in deep water. To get out safely I believe we are all going to need to support each other.

Who can you reach out to today either to give or receive support?


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