11/18/20 Make Room for New

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In the corner of our pool cage was an orchid plant. It received just enough filtered light and water to thrive. In that perfect environment it grew until one year it had 20 glorious stalks of delicate white flowers.

One winter, on a very cold night, I moved the orchid close to the house to protect it. But the cold overwhelmed it. The next morning it started to turn brown and die.

My husband put it behind a tree at the back of the yard thinking we would save the pot and dispose of the orchid later.

The next summer my husband happened to be out in the back yard and noticed the planter. New green shoots were coming up.

This year only one small stalk of flowers grew. The pot is overwhelmed with all the old dead stalks that need to be cleaned out so the new stalks can thrive.

A lot has changed in our world in the last year. What do you need to clean out in your world to make room for a new version of you to grow?


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