11/13/20 Refreshed

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Tom is one of the best project leaders I know. One of the things I like best about him is, that as organized as he is, he also likes to have fun.

For instance on one project he put a child’s basketball hoop in his cube. Occasionally during the day a wadded up piece of paper would come sailing over the top of his cube. If it made a basket he would holler “Score” and the whole team would stand up and cheer.

That simple 30 second break refreshed everyone and built camaraderie. Sometimes people would stop for 10 minutes, get a drink and share a joke.

Some days he would throw a ball of paper into the basketball hoop just to get people out of their chairs.

During one particularly difficult week he held a free throw contest to ease the tension. How can you bring a bit of laughter to your team and yourself


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