11/04/20 The Seed of an Idea

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My mother showed the packet of marigold seeds to me. The picture on the outside was of orange and yellow flowers. She asked if I would like to plant them in the shape of my name. Of course I did.

First I had to pull the weeds from one end of the garden and turn over the soil. Next I took a stick and outlined my name in the dirt and carefully planted the seeds in that line. Last I covered the seeds and watered.

Everyday I cared for the marigolds. I can still sense the excitement of seeing the first green shoots show up. After what seemed like a very long time there were orange and yellow flowers spelling my name.

Here is what I know about that experience. First I had a picture in my mind of marigolds in my name. Then I planted, watered and cared for those plants every day. Most important, I never ever doubted they would grow into the picture in my mind.

What do you want to see grow in your life?


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