11/02/20 Swimming in Circles

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Carrie was swimming in ideas and not going anywhere. It’s important to give ourselves time to explore our ideas. On the other hand Carrie was frustrated. She’d been swimming in circles for too long and nothing had changed.

“Stop right where you are”, I said. “Out loud tell me what it will look like and feel like at the end of the week if you are exactly where you are right now.”

“Painful, like a rock in my chest, weighing me down and not letting me breathe”, came her answer.

As she spoke these words out loud everything started to change. She slowed down. She was able to be clear on what she wanted. She became lighter.

The first step to what you want is facing what you don’t want.

What are you willing to face today to be able to say on Friday, “Wow, what a great week!”


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