10/29/29 Trusted Relations

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Two other women and I met for lunch. We celebrated a recent Birthday. One of them talked about missing her mother. Another talked about her son’s promotion. There was only one very brief discussion about one person’s work. I enjoy these women and I know that if any of us ever had a concern that we would be happy to support each other.

People often ask me for tips on networking. What I tell them is that people want to work with people that they know, like and trust. Instead of treating networking like a job you hate, build a network of people you truly enjoy. Connect with people, that if you had the opportunity, you would love to work with them. Stay in contact with them because you like them not because you want something from them.

If you build a network of trusted friends and something does go awry with your career you will know who you can trust to help you.

Who’s in your network?


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