10/28/20 Tired and Confused

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After two years of long days we are exhausted. Barb and I are leading two teams on an implementation project for a national retailer. Tonight we are making the cut over. We’ve just been informed that there is a problem loading the data.

The smart thing would be to take a walk around the building and clear our heads. Instead we get into a rare disagreement which becomes…well…loud. People disappear into their offices obviously uncomfortable.

2020 without a doubt has been the toughest year that I can remember in my lifetime. People are tired, confused, distressed. Some of the most affable people I know have gotten into arguments.

What do you do to refresh? Do you like to dance to some funk in your living room? Maybe it’s time by yourself with a yoga mat and soft music. Maybe it’s a walk around the block.

How will you give yourself a break today?


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