10/27/20 Clear Intentions

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It was a beautiful fall day in New England, the air was crisp and clear. Leaves crunched under our feet. Several families were walking in the woods. I wasn’t concerned for our 5 year old son’s safety because the children were walking between the adults.

At one point I turned to check on our son but he wasn’t there. I panicked. The walk stopped while we looked for him. Luckily we found him fairly quickly.

Even though the adults had agreed that the children would walk between us I had not made that intention clear with our son. His curious mind had him stopping to look at a bug. He got behind and took a wrong turn.

Our teams are not our children. At the same time, if we don’t set and share clear intentions we shouldn’t be surprised if their curious minds have them become sidetracked and take a wrong turn.

Where do you need to clarify an intention or goal for yourself and your team?


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