10/26/20 Staying Relevant

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It started Thursday evening. Brendon Bruchard, is a world class writer and trainer in the personal development field. I have followed his work for many years. He put together a 3 day virtual summit of some of the top influencers. 4 days, 6 hours a day. Amazing information. I have pages and pages of notes and at this writing I still have the last day to hear.

After several hours of sitting with my earbuds in my ears, my husband asks what I’m listening to so intently. I tell him I’m learning more about how people who have started and scaled coaching businesses made it happen.

24 hours is a lot of video but what I know for sure; if we want to be effective we need to keep learning, growing and staying relevant. If we aren’t growing we’re going to fade into the background.

I don’t know about you but I want to be one of those people that rides into the sunset yelling Woohoo! What a ride!

What are you going to learn this week?


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