10/13/20 Putting Off Pain

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We were at Disney World in Orlando. I had on my brand new trainers (sneakers? tennis shoes?). Overall they were very comfortable. However they were just a slight bit loose. By the end of the day I’d worn a blister on both heels. During the night the blisters broke. My heels hurt so much that I could barely walk the next day. We ended up renting a wheel chair for me.

You’re probably wondering, why didn’t she stop when she knew something wasn’t right and make an adjustment?

Why indeed? Because it didn’t seem that bad at the time. Because I would have had to interrupt my family’s fun day to find something to pad my heels. Because I kept putting it off as we rushed from ride to ride, not wanting to miss anything.

Where do you need to make an adjustment today that will save you pain tomorrow?


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