09/21/20 One Step Back

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We arrived home after dark. Twelve hours on the road and we were both exhausted. As we walked to the door of our home I pulled out my house key. Even in the dark I knew I could easily find the deadbolt. Juggling my bags in my left hand and the screen door with my shoulder, I managed to get the key in the lock. Thankfully the key turned easily.

Then I turned the door knob and pulled but the door wouldn’t budge. Aaaarrrgh!

Did I turn the key the wrong way? Surely we hadn’t left the door unlocked. Frustrated I tried again. And again. And yes, again.

Finally I stood back from the door and put down my bags so I could breathe and think.

Almost immediately it dawned on me that not only the deadbolt but also the doorknob was locked.

Take it from me, if something isn’t working for you this week, stop, take a step back and breathe. Wait for it. You have the solution.


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