09/16/20 Mix with Laughter

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Mandy walked into her Dr.’s office. As she reached the reception desk she suddenly realized that she had forgotten to put on her mask.

The receptionist was just about to read her the riot act when Mandy spoke up. She said, “I apologize, I forgot my mask. I’ll be right back.”

The receptionist responded, “Mandy, is that you?”

Mandy had been in the Dr.’s office several times in the last month. She had always worn a mask. When she walked in without her mask the receptionist didn’t recognize Mandy until she spoke up.

When they realized what had happened they both laughed.

I wonder what would have happened if Mandy had not apologized. I wonder what would have happened if the receptionist had actually read the riot act to Mandy.

I wonder…how can we bring a little lightness and laughter to a difficult situation?


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