09/07/20 Good Job!

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Fran complained about all the email she receives. She said that it never stops and she can never get caught up.

We talked through several ways to address her concerns; set a two hour block every day to answer email, create email rules to sort her email into folders, never handle an email more than one time, and give her admin responsibility for some of the email.

She mentioned that she preferred talking to clients than emailing. Her plan now is to set up a bi-weekly calls with her clients to respond to most of their concerns. That eliminates more than half her emails.

Fran said, it still feels that there are so many emails to get through. That was when I realized she was choosing to look at how much she had to do rather than congratulating herself for how much she had accomplished.

How often do you pat yourself on the back and say ‘Good job’?


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