February 20, 2019 Bottom line, most people just want to be happy. We may say to ourselves, when I have enough money, more fulfilling work, a better boss…then I’ll be happy. What’s crazy...

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February 20, 2019 / Comments (169)

Joyous Holidays and Happy New Year!

December 24, 2018 Looking out my office window I can see cardinals, a woodpecker and mocking birds. Some days the beauty of the world astounds me. In this week of festivities I hope you will find a moment to...

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December 24, 2018 / Comments (120)

What you believe is what you get

December 21, 2018 Holidays for some people are joyous and for others not so much. Here’s what I have learned about holidays. The holidays don’t make us feel one way or the other. What we feel is...

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Make 2019 a Success

December 20, 2018 2019 is going to be a great year! How do I know? Because I have decided that it will be. That’s all it takes. A firm decision. If you believe it then everything else follows....

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Another Kind of Courage

December 12, 2018 Courage is a wonderful word. When I mentioned it in a recent post a reader named Sharon Weaver, said, “I like courage; the courage to be kinder, more tolerant and understanding, be...

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December 11, 2018 Yipes! – It’s almost 2019. Every year I choose a word that I set as my intention. In the past I have chosen words like joy, surrender, and visibility. For me 2019 is going to...

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The Resourceful Leader

December 10, 2018 As a leader we are often put in a position of being the judge. We have to decide if what the team or an individual is doing is good or bad and then take action to either reward or...

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85% of your success depends on…

December 7, 2018   Do you know that 85% of our success in business is tied to our ability to communicate and connect with other people? 85% That’s huge! That means that we can be smart, educated, and...

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December 7, 2018 / Comments (116)

Measuring Success

November 30, 2018 Relying on our title or money to measure our success is a bit like relying on the weather. We never know for sure when it is going to go up or down, we only know that it will change. On the...

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November 30, 2018 / Comments (99)

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